Deer of Nara

My son was traveling around Japan after Christmas before heading to China for this semester's classes. Of all the stuff he saw-- Tokyo, ancient shrines, historic relics-- nothing impressed him nearly as much as the wild-tame-sacred deer of Nara, Japan. 

My son wasn't a large cap kind of guy, until Nara. 
According to Caleb, these deer are thought to be spirit gods. Takemikazuchi-no-mikoto, the Japanese Thunder god and first sumo wrestling match contender, visited the city of Nara riding a deer. Since that visit, the deer have been considered sacred. So sacred, in fact, up until the 1600's, killing one of them was a capital offense. 

Friendly and photogenic

Now, they are just considered a national treasure and have free reign over the entire town.

Best photo bomb ever
In researching this post, I read a lot of blogs that found these amazing deer to be a nuisance. Not for my son. He was in instant love. Maybe it's because he was raised in a home-zoo where critters always outnumbered humans. He was thrilled that a wild animal was as friendly as the most affectionate pet. He said they would come right up to you and would even bow-- which is a Japanese greeting and sign of respect and appreciation. 

Whether you consider them a pest or a spiritual being, they are undeniably something special. 

It must be love.

Time for my small things check-in. Thanks to our hosts LexaL  .G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly reminder to look for the good things in life! 

Although my week wasn't half as exciting as my son's, I did get some things done, which is always something to celebrate. I have been decluttering. Cole, boy #2, saw my stack of stuff to donate to charity and said I was giving away their childhood. Then he narked me out to his brothers who all wanted to save their memories, AKA dusty stuff. 
I now know to never let them see what's headed out of the house. Same with their father-- he complains about the clutter, but then may have a use for every item in the get-rid-of pile. Decluttering is a job best done alone. 

I also managed to outline a new book. I usually just make a timeline, but this time, I broke the story down by chapter. I'm hoping writing it will be easy-- famous last words, I know. 

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