Happy Black Friday

Hopefully, everyone had a great Thanksgiving-- whether you celebrate it or not. We could all use good days with too much food where we pause and give thanks and count our blessings.
Now, with Thanksgiving over and done, we can prepare for Christmas! For many, that starts with Black Friday-- the quintessential, grassroots American holiday. It's a true celebration of capitalism unwittingly generated by workers and embraced by the business world. 
Workers called off work in droves that Friday after Thanksgiving. Businesses tried to fight it, but
after years of trying to deal with the massive numbers of call-offs, they finally caved and added the Friday after Thanksgiving to the holiday calendar.
Retailers realized that most people were off work and prepping for the Christmas holiday.
What better time to offer sales? Lure people off the couch and into the holiday buying spirit.
But where did the label "Black Friday" come from? Fortunately, according to Snopes, it wasn't from the sale of slaves in pre-Civil War America. Whew. Glad it doesn't carry that stigma!
But it also wasn't from the accounting principle of businesses going from the red column (in debt) to the black column (cha-ching- profit time). The most lucrative single day for retailers is the Saturday before Christmas.

So, where did "Black Friday" come from?

The term "Black Friday" is credited to the Philadelphia police department. In the 1960s, Black Friday was the term the department used for the day when people would pour into their city for the shopping and the yearly Army-Navy football game. The sudden increase in traffic caused the department to require all hands on deck, even the police band had to report to active duty causing the chief of police to joke in an interview that the traffic director was a tuba player.
It wasn't until the 1980s that the name was picked up by Madison Avenue and used in marketing campaigns. Thanks to commercials and marketing genius, Black Friday was born. 

Time for my small things check-in. Thanks to our hosts LexaL  .G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly reminder to look for the good things in life! 

The boys are home! 

No Black Friday shopping for me. We'll be having our Thanksgiving Feast today and enjoying time at home. Come Monday, I will be Cyber Monday shopping. We live on a hill, so I'm sure the UPS man hates me for being in love with online shopping. 

We're getting our tree this weekend, which is always fun. This is one situation where older kids are a bonus. There is less argument over who gets to put the angel on top of the tree and fewer questions about why a glass of wine is an essential part of tree trimming. 

Need an excellent add to your Christmas book list? Mark Noce's book is amazing. I watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix (loved it! check out the IMDB page Here!) and was disappointed to be out of seasons, but then I got Mark's book and I was ready to step back in time to an England of yore where there were feuding tribes and heroes, ahem, heroines, to lead them. I am a lucky gal to have writing friends where I can get proofs to read. 
Double thumbs up to Mark! 
Pre-Order Now!!

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